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Driving long-term value creation.

Craftsman Capital Partners

Craftsman Capital, founded in 2014, is an operationally-focused, Dallas-based private equity firm investing in lower-middle market companies that exhibit a strong potential for growth. The firm track record includes numerous platform acquisitions as well as multiple exits.


We believe that a partner should bring much more to a business than just capital. As our name implies, we utilize an extensive set of value-add financial and operational tools in order to drive a company to peak performance. We provide equity capital to privately-held businesses to facilitate buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth investments. We then lead operational improvement through time-tested processes, procedures, and controls to transform our companies to be “best in class” amongst their peer group.

The firm has dedicated, long-term capital (institutional, family office and high net worth investor) allowing management the ability to focus entirely on creating stakeholder value without the worry of an end-of-fund life.


Our Process

Plan - Prepare - Execute - Assess

We Are Not Part of Management, But We Are Part of the Team

We don’t micromanage. We are part of the team offering strategic guidance and support. We implement best practices and add value where needed.

We Roll Up Our Sleeves

Our firm consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to improving operations through time-tested best practice procedures.

We Align Incentives for Long-term Success

Transactions are structured to align incentives allowing for additional participation in positive outcomes.

We Put Our Money in the Deal

The principals of the firm put significant capital in every transaction.  In this manner the principals share the risks of every investment with stakeholders and are personally motivated to create long-term value.

We Contribute Strategic Relationships

The principals have developed a broad network of relationships that can be utilized as needed.  This network enhances growth and clears obstacles.

We Focus on the Long Game

Our capital does not have an investment time limit.  We are patient investors who wait for the most opportunistic time in the investment cycle to exit a transaction.

Investment Criteria

Craftsman Capital makes control equity investments in companies that exhibit a strong potential for growth. We realize every situation is unique; however, our typical investments include the following:

  • Company size: $1M-$10M+ EBITDA

  •  Transaction size: $5M-$75M

  •  Investment size: $5M to $25M+

  •  Revenues less than $100M with a diverse customer base

  •  An owner that wants to sell 100% of the Company

  •  Definable growth or value creating operational opportunities

  •  A reasonable flight distance from Dallas, TX


What's New?


Our Team

Barrett Dean Co-founder, Partner headshot

Co-Founder, Partner

Barrett Dean

Barrett Dean is a co-founder and Partner of Craftsman Capital.  At Craftsman Capital, Mr. Dean participates in both the transaction process for potential acquisitions and the daily operations of existing portfolio companies.

Will Walters, Co-founder, Partner headshot

Co-Founder, Partner

Will Walters

Will Walters is a co-founder and Partner of Craftsman Capital.  At Craftsman Capital, Mr. Walters is involved in all facets of the firm’s investment activities with particular emphasis on acquisition origination, diligence, and execution.

Paul Thompson Co-founder, Operating Partner headshot

Co-Founder, Operating Partner

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson is a co-founder and Operating Partner of Craftsman Capital. At Craftsman Capital, Mr. Thompson works directly with portfolio company management to realize operational efficiencies and improvement.

Wes Breyfogle, Operating Partner headshot

Operating Partner

Wes Breyfogle

Wes Breyfogle is the newest Operating Partner addition to Craftsman Capital. Mr. Breyfogle joins Craftsman Capital after serving as a CEO of ScanData and Interim CEO of BOXX, both Craftsman Capital portfolio companies.

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