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Craftsman Capital Acquires MSB School Services

MSB School Services (MSB), a leading provider of special education software purpose-built for educators in K-12, announced today the acquisition of the company by Dallas-based private equity firm Craftsman Capital. Hundreds of school districts depend on MSB’s proprietary X-Logs software to document, track, and log special education sessions for reporting and billing. MSB employs consultants that work with school districts to tailor the software to school district program goals.

MSB School Services CEO, Tabbatha Callaway, stated, “We are singularly focused on supporting educators within our school districts. Craftsman Capital brings additional resources and capabilities to MSB that will help propel us to the next level. We are very excited for the future of MSB along with Craftsman Capital. We are ready to turn the page on the past and open a new chapter in the growth and integrity of the business.”

Craftsman Capital will be working closely with the MSB team to evaluate opportunities to leverage the private equity firm’s know-how, expertise and strategic relationships. Craftsman Capital’s familiarity with IT companies is strong, having previously made investments in five technology companies.

“MSB School Services provides critical special education software solutions that educators use on a daily basis. The company has carved out its place as a market leader based on its powerful software, robust support, and informative consulting,” said Will Walters, Partner at Craftsman Capital. “There is also a feel-good element to the business in that it is supporting educators who work with students with special needs. Schools are the heart of communities, and MSB strengthens each school district’s ability to serve students.”

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